VIZ 1300 Rotary Shredder


VIZ 1300 Rotary Shredder

Designed for operational flexibility, the VIZ 1300 Rotary Shredder is a highly configurable industrial shredding machine that can process large plastics, paper, film, textiles and cardboard. For operations that process multiple types of material, the VIZ industrial shredder is designed to quickly adapt, saving you time. Customize your Vecoplan Infinity industrial shredder to match your requirements with the multiple options offered. This single stage shredder is available with cutter plates with variable tip sizes that are quickly and easily changeable, making rotor change-outs a thing of the past.





The VIZ 1300 rotary shredder addresses the challenge of frequently changing input materials by offering an efficient and adaptable shredding machine in a compact footprint. Distinguishing features of this industrial shredder include a large shredding chamber that can process bales, tall ram for bulky material, and a contoured design for less grime accumulation. This affordable shredder has low operating costs, showing a rapid return on your investment.

Build Your Custom VIZ Shredder

Drive Options

Either the patented ESC drive

  • Cost-effective operation
  • Slippage detection in real time
  • Intelligent, self-regulating drive
  • Low maintenance and wear

Or the patented HiTorc™ drive

  • Synchronous motor as a direct drive without a mechanical drive train
  • Highest possible torque at low speed
  • Trouble-free start-up phase, even with a full hopper
  • Maintenance-free and wear-free
  • Remarkably quiet


Rotor Options

U Rotor

  • Profiled with toothed counter knife
  • Variable number of cutters from single row up to triple row of cutters depending on cutter size


W/V Rotor

  • Maximum cutting performance and high throughout
  • Homogeneous output quality with minimum fine dust and little particle variance
  • Variable number of cutters from single row, triple row, up to fivefold (W rotor only) row of cutters depending on cutter size
  • Optional bolted tool holders for more flexibility and ease of maintenance


  • One shredder stage versus two
  • Choose from Vecoplan’s patented ESC belt drive or patented HiTorc™ drive
  • 20" rotor diameter
  • Rotor speed of 50-250 rpm
  • Two rotor options include traditional single cutters or the innovative plates that hold multiple cutters, making for quick rotor change-outs
  • Cutter plates available with one to three rows of cutters, depending on cutter size
  • Cutter sizes available in 23x23 mm/40x40 mm/60x60 mm/80x80mm
  • Large shredding chamber and improved ram height for bulky items and bales
  • Hydraulic lift-up-cutter chamber floor provides the safest and most convenient access to cutting chamber
  • Contoured design for better cleaning and reduced susceptibility to dirt•Swing-out, robust screen allows for simple, quick, and easy exchange
  • Variable positioning of screen segments maximizes life of high-wear parts
  • Pulling design of ram hydraulic unit prevents dirt and contamination, saves space and improves accessibility
  • Push button ease for material changes or tramp metal removal