VPC 1600 Pre-Crusher


VPC 1600 Pre-Crusher
The Vecoplan VPC 1600 is specifically designed for the size reduction of large or bulky wood waste materials such as pallets, crates, CNC skeletons, drums, wooden reels and shipping dunnage. When added to a Vecoplan industrial wood grinder, the overall system capacity can be increased by as much as 200%. The VPC 1600 sits on top of a Vecoplan wood grinder offering an industry first all-in-one two-stage size reduction process involving crushing and grinding, maximizing efficiency and throughput.


The VPC 1600 Pre-Crusher offers tremendous value for size reduction and recycling of bulky wood waste materials. As a stand-alone pre-crusher, the wood recycling machine provides you the ability to significantly reduce the volume of your larger wood waste items such as stacks of pallets, empty crates, and shipping dunnage. Furniture and cabinet manufacturers can crush their leftover wood panels and CNC wood waste to improve the recyclability of these bulky wood materials. When mounted to a Vecoplan industrial wood grinder, the VPC 1600 Pre-Crusher reduces the size of wood waste even further. Tramp detection removes nails, bolts, staples and other ferrous material from the waste stream. This leaves you with a valuable, clean wood waste product that can be sold or recycled as either mulch, animal bedding, fuel, feedstock for pelletizing operation, or raw material for a particleboard plant. In short – your waste stream is now a revenue stream.


  • Low speed / high torque design at 10 RPM
  • Touch pad monitoring and control
  • Easy accessibility for maintenance
  • Tramp metal protection
  • Large infeed hopper
  • 32 crusher arms
  • 16 counter breakers
  • 2 x 15 HP drive motors
  • Dual shaft design for optimal processing efficiency
  • Independent, reversible, heavy duty rotors
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) as standard
  • Industry first all-in-one, two-stage size reduction for bulky wood waste
  • Increase existing grinder capacities by as much as 200%