VVZ 210 Hurricane Shredder


VVZ 210 Hurricane Shredder
The VVZ 210 Hurricane Shredder is designed for commercial waste including municipal waste, bulk rubbish, and industrial waste as well as Rejects. Vecoplan Hurricane Pre-Shredders are ideal for size reduction of construction and demolition waste. When it comes to large recycling, alternative fuel prep and destruction applications, it’s all about throughput and reliability, and our pre-shredders are built for both.


The VVZ Hurricaine Model Pre-Shredders from Vecoplan are designed for Municipal Waste, Bulk Rubbish and Industrial Waste as well as Rejects. Two rotors, each with either single, 1.5x or double 140mm x 140mm cutters, can be disassembled without removing bearings or drives, and easy replacement of all wear items is inherent in the Hurricaine design. A solid center breaker bar and lateral comb strippers bolted onto the machine frame is designed for easy replacement, and Hydraulically Operated Double Wing access doors on both sides allow for cleanout of contaiminations and unrestricted access to the cutting assemblies. Hurricane models are available with either a powerful hydraulic drive system or with the energy saving HiTorc™ drive system.


  • Vecoplan's "U" Rotor - the industry’s most
  • successful cutting rotor design.
  • Airspring Counterknife simplifies removal of tramp material and simplifies maintenance
  • Center anvil with replaceable hard-faced
  • counterknife and removeable screen grates
  • Changeable resizing screens add economical production of consistent sized particles in one pass