VST42e Shred Truck


VST42e Shred Truck

Ultra-High Security, a simple screen change turns documents into confetti. This advanced electric shredding system is designed for high throughput and dual-use service - on-site mobile and plant-based stationery. While deployed in the mobile mode, equipment power is generated through a proprietary, compact PTO-driven generator component, thus eliminating the need for a central hydraulic power system. Our shred trucks are backed by our 3 Year Warranty.

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The VST-42e dual-duty shredding system will shred just about anything. Naturally it shreds all types of paper including whole bankers boxes and 3-ring binders full of documents. But it also shreds hard drives and other e-scrap, credit cards, CDs, DVDs, tapes, film or anything made of plastic. It also shreds textiles, counterfeit products or virtually anything else that needs to be destroyed for security purposes. Your people will be hard pressed to keep-up while feeding this animal!

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  • Full Sized CDL (33,000 GVW)
  • Freightliner Chassis
  • Payload - 8,000 lbs
  • VAZ 1100 Single Shaft Rotary Shredder
  • Throughput – up to 7,000 lbs/hr
  • Curb-Side Bin Lifter
  • HMI Touchscreen Control Panel
  • Shredder Compartment Monitor Camera
  • SureTrac™ Gliding Floor
  • Lock ‘N Load™ Bin Lifter
  • TaskMaster™ Automated Programming
  • QuickLink™ Plug & Play Docking Technology