Push/Pull Rod Discharger Type 3


Push/Pull Rod Discharger Type 3
These Type 3 Push/Pul Rod Dischargers are easy to use for receiving and storing bulk materials.


These modular low-maintenance and user-friendly push/pull rod dischargers essentially consist of hydraulically-driven push/pull rods moving reciprocally above the floor of the bunker. When an upstream extraction device is activated, a hydraulic system automatically initiates a slow backwards and forwards reciprocal movement of several push rods arranged side by side. During this process, the special profile of the carriers transports the bulk material into an extraction device located at the end. Material from the silo is closed in the required amounts by the discharge conveyors or by the push/pull rods themsevles in conjunction with a variable capacity pump. In the case of a pull rod discharger, the hydraulic cylinders are mounted at the discharge point, whereas with a push rod discharger, they are mounted in the silo at the rear (opposite the discharge point).


  • Push rod discharger type 3:
  • The push and pull rods enable operating lengths of up to 22 m
  • Operating widths of any dimension can be created as required by placing rows of push and pull rods next to each other
  • The systems are used for receiving and storing bulk materials (wood chips, sawdust, old wood etc.) in rectangular and square bunkers.
  • Requirements that can be implemented according to customer specifications:
  • Filling level monitoring
  • Variable capacity pumps
  • Sheet metal floor lining
  • Dust proof covers on the bunker outlet


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