VNZ 210 L Shredder


VNZ 210 L Shredder
The Vecoplan VNZ-210 L Re-Shredder is for mixed waste re-shredding.

Vecoplan is a pioneer and leader in advanced fuel preparation systems for the production of RDF. The shredding technology of the fuel prep system is the heart of any RDF refining process or waste-to-energy program. Shredder uptime and low maintenance costs are major factors in the profitability of all solid waste combustion operations.


The Vecoplan VNZ-210 L Re-Shredder is used to achieve precise particle size of pre-shredded waste materials and can also be used as a Pre-Shredder, or primary waste reducer, in some high-capacity applications.


  • Airspring Counterknife simplifies removal of tramp material and simplifies maintenance
  • Center anvil with replaceable hard-faced
  • counterknife and removeable screen grates
  • Changeable resizing screens add economical production of consistent sized particles in one pass