VNZ 210 V Shredder


VNZ 210 V Shredder
The Vecoplan VNZ-210 V Re-Shredder is best for shredding lighter-duty, high-volume processing of homogenous, pre-shredded waste materials. VNZ features include "U" rotor, counter knife and resizing screens.


The Vecoplan VNZ-210 V Re-Shredder is used to achieve precise particle size of pre-shredded waste materials and can also be used as a Pre-Shredder, or primary waste reducer, in some high-capacity applications.


  • Airspring Counterknife simplifies removal of tramp material and simplifies maintenance
  • Center anvil with replaceable hard-faced
  • counterknife and removeable screen grates
  • Changeable resizing screens add economical production of consistent sized particles in one pass