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Interview with Stefan Kaiser, Manager of the Recycling Division at Vecoplan AG

"We must create an acceptance for recycled materials" – Interview with Stefan Kaiser, Manager of the Recycling Division at Vecoplan AG

Vecoplan Supports Ghost Net Recycling

Disposal of plastic waste salvaged from the sea – Vecoplan® supports ghost net recycling with its processing technology

Putting an end to ghost nets


The international recycling company Tönsmeier became a partner of WWF Deutschland (World Wide Fund for Nature in Germany) in September 2015, and since then has been working to rid the Baltic Sea of ‘ghost nets’, i.e. abandoned fishing nets made of plastic. The environmentally-friendly recycling of these polypropylene and polyamide ghost nets is being tested – so Vecoplan® AG was brought in to create an optimum process for transporting, processing and recycling the salvaged material – and the results of initial tests have been positive.

Vecoplan's New Bag Breaker - VSA 250 T | Vecoplan

Millions of bags filled with household trash arrive at material recovery facilities daily. Much of this trash is recyclable, but first you have to open the bags. The new VSA 250 T Bag Breaker from Vecoplan does this on an industrial scale.

Multiple Grinders Work Best For Penn Pallet Operations

Pennsylvania Company Upgrades Two Vecoplan Grinders at Main Plant

Shredding the Competition May 2016 Edition

7 Sales "Must-Do's" every day for a sales professional or business owners

Shredding The Competition March 2016 Edition

In Sports, Life, and Business there is a pretty simple rule: the more we do something or the more time we spend learning something the better we get at it. 

Shredding the Competition - February Edition

Every great athlete believes in having a coach to help them get better and improve their game every day.

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