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Vecoplan Opens Western Regional Office

Vecoplan has opened a new technology and distribution center, Vecoplan West, in Eastvale, California. The location has three shredders for product trials, a shred truck for demonstrations, and inventories spare and replacement parts for customers.

Vecoplan Expands After-Sales Operations

Mitchell Hall leads the department with the customer at top of mind. Hall will oversee the replacement parts sales operation and technical services, which provide Vecoplan machine maintenance and repair. The after-sales department has also hired additional service technicians for both in-house and field positions to better serve its customers.

Vecoplan Recycling Heroes - Global Recycling Day

In honor of Global Recycling Day, we wanted to share how our industrial shredders contribute to recycling activity at our recycling hero customers. Vecoplan industrial shredders and grinders process almost any material. From wood to plastics to paper, the shredded matter that comes out of our shredders is upcycled and/or repurposed.

MSW Shredder Selection - Choosing Your Solid Waste Shredder

Shredding waste may sound like a simple concept, but in actuality, there are many factors to consider when choosing size reduction equipment. The type of industrial shredder to choose is just one piece of the puzzle in waste processing. If the material input is consistent and clean, a single machine may be sufficient. However, for shredding MSW, Vecoplan recommends a two-stage approach of pre-shredding and re-shredding for optimal throughput and processing.


Vecoplan, LLC has hired Nolan Lamb as the western regional sales director for its plastics business. 

Lamb brings auxiliary equipment knowledge to the equipment manufacturer.

Pelican Packaging Chooses Vecoplan Plastics Shredders

Pelican Packaging is a fully integrated plastics processor and toller with operations in North Carolina and Texas. A customer since 2001, they have four Vecoplan industrial shredders to process both in-house and tolled scrap.

Document Destruction Relies On Vecoplan Shred Trucks

Mike Callihan is a likeable guy. Personable, smart, fun and approachable. Qualities he has also instilled into his business, Document Destruction. Based in Cincinnati, Mike started the business in 2004 after deciding his first company, a business forms endeavor, had a limited future with online documentation on the rise. He decided to transition to records destruction because he saw it as a business that would be viable for years to come. Privacy laws had recently been put in place, and he didn’t see those regulations ever going away for companies that handled personal data. His initial business equipment? An old used box truck with a manual-feed shredder on it.

Mobile Shredding - From Past to Present

The term “mobile shredding” is the act of shredding materials while also being mobile – or moveable. Shred trucks are the solution for the mobile shredding of paper, plastics, e-waste, and other materials for size reduction.

Woodworking Fair Midwest

A small band of equipment suppliers in the secondary woodworking market have banded together to create their own tradeshow. Called the Woodworking Fair Midwest, the open house-style event will occur August 26-28, 2020 in Borden, Indiana.

Turning Waste Into A Valuable Resource

Vecoplan is the global leader in the manufacture of industrial shredders. And waste can be shredded. Waste can be converted to various types of secondary fuel; it depends on what kind of waste we’re talking about that yields the type of fuel that is the end product. Shredding is a key part of the conversion, but Vecoplan is also a leader in providing comprehensive, end-to-end systems that turn waste into fuel or other material.

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